Understanding My Child's Power Traits

A self-guided parent course to help you clarify who your child is & how they learn best so you can be their greatest advocate at school & in life

Many students are expected to learn the same, perform the same, and produce the same, when in fact they are not the same. The ‘I AM’ Project addresses this myth by helping parents (and educators) better understand who their student is and how they learn best, so they can better prepare them to navigate school and ultimately succeed in life.

As we help children fully recognize and embrace the seed of who they are - their disposition, personality, interests, talents, concerns, hopes, passions and dreams – we can begin to truly tap into their motivation to learn.

In this self-guided process you will learn why understanding your child's Power Traits are key and be provided tools and strategies to support your new understanding.

You will be gaining clarity about your child in 5 areas forming what is called their Self-Portrait. (*Based on 'A Power Traits for Life Student-Centered Learning Model & the Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment Student-Centered Learning Model & the Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment by Victoria Kindle Hodson, M. A. & Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis, M. S. of Reflective Educational Perspectives, LLC .)

The 5 areas of focus are:

  • Disposition
  • Modality
  • Environmental Needs
  • Interests
  • Talents

After you discover your child's Power Traits you will have access to a Parent Guide that will help you better understand things like what motivates your child, what challenges your child, homework tips, suggestions for applying their talents and so on. You will also be provided with the My Book of Me for your child so they can begin making sense of their Power Traits, and utilizing the many strategies found there.

(*Note: The assessment is geared towards 3rd graders to adults, but if they are able to understand and answer the questions about how THEY SEE THEMSELVES by themselves then they can take the assessment. It is only beneficial if it is their unpersuaded response.)

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Your Instructor

Terikka Faciane, M.Ed.
Terikka Faciane, M.Ed.

I am passionate about helping youth (and their parents) discover who they are and why they are. I have been reaching out and teaching identity and destiny awareness in some capacity for over two decades now. Approximately eight of those years were in the public school system, and 5 of those years were specifically working with youth labeled 'at-risk'.

I learned quickly that my students needed to be made aware of many things that were not in my curriculum guide. Most of my students had no idea of who they were or where they were going so they could not see the value in ‘schoolwork’.

I knew this dilemma was not unique to me. It was my goal then and remains my goal now to help students (and those who steward them) identify who they are, how they learn, and how to set goals and make decisions from this deeper place of knowing.

What others are saying...


My daughter and I were in constant conflict every time we needed to head in the same direction on something. She often felt like I didn’t listen to or like her ideas; and I felt like she was rebelling against anything that was my idea. I was very hurt and felt like my child didn't like me. After going through the personality and Power Trait’s process with Terikka, I learned that my daughter had her own identity and way of processing information. She was designed that way. As parents, we are our children's first teacher and I did not need to have her walk every step in my footsteps but to know who she was and help her carve her own path in life.This process has helped me with my children and my marriage. As we understand each other’s identity we are able to communicate and work together better. My life and my family's life was changed in the best way going through this training. Aletta Wayman-Venzant (Parent, Founder of Journey Girl)

Terikka, thank you for sharing your vision on how important it is to know who our children are and how they learn best. I believe it is crucial to becoming the best you, you can be regardless of race, gender, economic status or educational levels. The school system somehow misses this point that we are all unique and wonderfully made with our positive strengths but there is the tendency to focus on our weaknesses. Linda Black, Parent (Parent Leadership Team, Roadmap Region)


If asked to name a teacher that has had a huge impact on my life, I would have to say the first person to come to mind is Mrs. Faciane. She has given me confidence and taught me to be proud of who I am. She pushed me to look deeper into my heart than I would have ever dared and now I can truly say that I know who I am and where I plan to go. Mrs. Faciane, I thank you so much for everything!!! Faith S.

I thank you Mrs. Faciane for being such an inspirational teacher. You taught me so much. You made me express things that I thought I couldn’t. Thank you! Mario Z.


Terikka Holmes Faciane is a powerful force that motivates people to look within themselves and recognize the greatness that lies within. She has a way of getting people to not just dream about their futures, but propels them into action by offering practical action steps to move people to step into their destiny. Micki Poole Grayson, M.Ed., Director - Office of TRIO Programs at Moreno Valley College

Mrs. Faciane has a passion for helping young people that is contagious. She has the ability to motivate students and get them to work hard as well as open up about personal issues. She has a genuine concern for others that makes her approachable and easy to talk to. She is creative and thinks outside the box. Deidre Jones, M.Ed., Counselor (San Bernardino City, USD)

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